At CDM Woodworking, we believe in the transformative power of detail. Serving the greater Chicago and Milwaukee, Illinois, areas, we’re committed to providing quality back band profiles that elevate and refine any interior space.

Back Band Profiles in Illinois

Back band profiles by CDM Woodworking are the unsung heroes of interior detail. These splendid pieces of molding frame doors and windows with understated elegance bridge the gap between trim and wall with a smooth visual transition. Their role? To draw the eye to the craftsmanship of your home’s openings without overwhelming the design. Whether it’s a historic renovation or a contemporary build, our back band profiles are tailored to create harmony with your home’s unique aesthetic.

The Aesthetic and Practical Advantages of Back Bands

Back bands do more than just add to the aesthetics of your interiors; they serve a dual purpose of enhancing visual appeal while providing a practical function. They create a layered effect that can make windows and casings appear more prominent, thereby adding a sense of depth and solidity to the room.

On a practical note, they can hide imperfections where trim meets the wall, offering a clean, finished look. Additionally, they help in protecting the wall’s edge from potential damage caused by passing traffic—be it the hustle of family life or the brush of office chairs. Our back bands are designed to withstand the rigors of daily use in Chicago, Illinois, while maintaining their elegant appearance.

We Offer Services Throughout Illinois

The right woodwork can transform a house. Here in Illinois, where architecture ranges from the historic charm of Chicago’s brownstones to the modern homes of Milwaukee’s suburbs, our services are designed to enhance the beauty and integrity of your space. Our back band profiles are crafted not only to add a refined touch but also to protect the edges of your walls from the wear and tear of everyday life. They offer an elegant solution to prolong the pristine condition of your interiors.


Here are some questions our customers often have for us:

What exactly are back band profiles?

Back band profiles are decorative moldings that accentuate the outer edges of casing around doors and windows, adding depth and character to the trim.

Are they suitable for all homes?

Yes, back band profiles are versatile and can be designed to complement any style, from classic to contemporary.

How are they installed?

Our skilled craftsmen expertly install them, ensuring they fit seamlessly with existing or new casings, enhancing the overall look.

Can I customize the profiles?

Absolutely. We offer customization to match your vision and ensure the profiles resonate with the rest of your home’s design.

Are You Ready for Custom Back Band Profiles?

For those ready to infuse their home with a sense of elegance, CDM Woodworking is at your service. Let our back band profiles complete the look of your windows and doors with a touch of sophistication. Call today.