If you are looking for custom crown molding in the Elmhurst, IL, area to help with your home remodel, then CDM Woodworking is the company for you. We can help create new custom moldings, such as double crown molding, or match existing moldings. Our team is here to do a fantastic job on whatever custom-made moldings you would like for your house. 

Custom Crown Molding

CDM Woodworking has been in business since 1987. Our professional experts will diligently work with you on creating your desired custom crown moldings for your house. It does not matter if you are renovating a family room, multiple rooms, or an entire house; we will be glad to work with you.

We have an extensive catalog of designs that you can choose from. However, we encourage those that we work with, whether it be homeowners, contractors, or builders, to work with an architect or designer. This will help to come up with a custom crown molding design that fits their aesthetic, and we will bring it to life for you. 

Custom Crown Molding In Elmhurst, IL

We are happy to serve the Elmhurst, Illinois community with crown molding services, as well as the surrounding areas. Elmhurst is located in the northeastern part of Illinois in Dupage County and is home to over 46,000 residents. It is also a classic college town filled with lots of parks, coffee shops, and restaurants. 

Custom Crown Molding Frequently Asked Questions 

When it comes to making changes to your home, there are usually many questions that arise. We get asked various questions regarding our services. Here are a few. 

I have An Existing Crown Molding Profile That I Love. Can You Match It? 

One of the services that we offer is our profile matching of existing crown molding. One of the benefits of being able to customize your crown molding is that you can also match what you already have in your home. This comes in handy when you have an older home where you are trying to keep some of the aesthetics intact. 

Are Molding And Baseboards The Same?

Molding tends to be more decorative and is installed on the top of your walls to cover the space where the wall and ceiling meet. Baseboards tend to be flatter and go around the bottoms of your walls by the floor. Baseboards and crown molding can complement each other design-wise. They tend to be the finishing touches that complete and pull a space together. 

Can Crown Molding Be Painted? 

One of the beauties of custom crown molding is that they are custom. Many like the look of the stained wood, while others prefer a crisp white to contrast the color of their walls. Some go for a monochromatic look where the crown is painted the same color as the walls. It all depends on your feel for your home and the look you are going for. 

Get Your Quote Now

Contact us today to get a quote for your custom crown molding. We also serve the surrounding communities such as Evanston, Kenilworth, and many more. Our expert and professional woodworkers at CDM Woodworking will be waiting to bring your home remodeling project to life. If you can design it, we can make it.