Founded in 1987, CDM Woodworking has made exceptional quality and consistency their goal for over 30 years now. Skilled at custom crown molding, the experts at CDM are ready to help you customize your home and complete your next project. 

We Offer Custom Crown Molding

Providing standard and custom molding while working directly with builders, contractors, and remodelers, there is no job too big or small for CDM. They can even match existing profiles if you are not looking for change but simply need to recreate what you already have. 

We Serve The Geneva Area

We provide the Geneva, IL area and the surrounding community with custom crown molding services. CDM understands that time equals money which is why they take a proactive approach to any issues that arise in order to ensure the projects of their clients are kept on track. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Crown Molding

Below are a few commonly asked questions regarding custom crown molding:

How Can I Match My existing crown molding?

CDM’s team of professionals only need a small sample of the existing molding in your home or commercial space to match it. Simply submit your sample and relax while they do the rest. It really is that simple. 

How Easy Is It To Install?

Crown molding can be relatively easy to install as long as you have the right tools and minimal assistance available. With two sets of hands, someone to hold the molding in place and someone to secure it, the job is definitely doable. However, if you have any concerns, you can also hire a handyman or an installation expert for the job, as well. 

Can I Paint My Crown Molding?

Yes, your crown molding can be painted, as well as stained. It really depends on your tastes and the look you want for your home or commercial space. Staining helps with enhancing the natural beauty of the wood, while paint helps with creating contrast or a monochromatic look. Whatever you decide, CDM is available to help. 

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