CDM Woodworking offers custom millwork and crown molding for your next project. Since 1987, we have been the standard for commercial and residential crown molding in Oak Park, Illinois and the surrounding area. If you are looking for custom crown molding and trim, we are here to offer our expert services to you. Let our team assist you in creating a space that you will enjoy for years to come.

We Offer Custom Crown Molding 

Whether you are doing a new, custom build from the ground up or home remodel, our team can help provide you with expert installation services of your crown molding. We strive to provide you with a product that is not only affordable, but visually pleasing as well. Our highly skilled craftspeople provide stunning, one of a kind custom molding that is of the highest quality. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Crown Molding

When deciding on crown molding, many questions can arise. Our team of craftsmen are here to assist you along the way when making decisions about your space. Below you will find some of the most frequently asked questions we receive at CDM Woodworking regarding crown molding. 

Can You Match My Existing Profile?

Here at CDM Woodworking, our highly skilled craftsmen specialize in matching existing profiles. We strive for remodeling or renovation work to match seamlessly. We aim for the existing profile to blend with the new profile to look as if it has always been a part of the home.

Can Crown Molding Go Either Way?

Typically, with crown molding, the side with the least amount of detail will be on top. The side with more decorative elements should be on the bottom. You will want those decorative details to be more visible. The detail and craftsmanship that goes into creating each piece of custom crown molding should be on display. 

Can Crown Molding Be Painted? 

Custom Crown Molding from CDM Woodworking is just that- custom. Some clients prefer stained crown molding, while others like to see a crisp white crown molding contrast with the paint color on their walls or cabinets. Our experts will work directly with you to complete the look you are desiring for your home. 

Contact Us Now For A Quote!

If you have an upcoming home remodel project or if you’re building a new home in Oak Park or the surrounding area, please reach out to our talented team of experts to discuss the custom crown molding options that are available to you. We work with contractors, builders, and home remodeling companies to provide exceptional, quality custom woodwork to our clients. We are happy to serve the surrounding areas as well, such as Aurora or Golf! Call us today to schedule a consultation to discuss custom crown molding options for your next home project!