You have a lot of control over the look and feel of your home. But have you considered the unique touch that custom-made baseboards from CDM Woodworking can add? Designed to blend in and often overlooked, a room’s baseboards can add more to a space than you might realize. Founded in 1987, CDM Woodworking stands out by providing custom and standard options for residential woodworking projects, ensuring that your baseboards are as unique as your home. 

Beautifully Crafted To Match Your New Or Existing Design

CDM Woodworking makes the process of getting custom wood molding for your home project a breeze. With over 500 unique in-house profiles and the option to create your own, we ensure you find the perfect match for your design. We only need a sample sketch or photo of what you want, and we’ll craft a product to match your vision. Our products are made with paint-grade wood, providing a uniform, smooth, and more evenly painted surface, all at an affordable price.

Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Made Baseboards

Choosing the right baseboard for your home’s unique style and design doesn’t have to be difficult. Below, we have answered some of customers’ more commonly asked questions about custom-made baseboards. We would love to hear from you if you have another question or need further assistance. 

Is Baseboard Moulding Really That Important?

Most people love the unique detail and character that standard and custom baseboard moldings provide to their homes. You choose between basic baseboards that perform their duty while looking clean and nice against your walls or architectural baseboards that will give your space more flair! 

At CDM Woodworking, we don’t just provide custom and standard pieces. We provide quality and consistency. We are committed to our craft, providing superior customer service and affordable options. We take pride in our work, and we hope to work with you soon. We are confident that you will fall in love with the results. 

What Sort Of Materials Can Baseboards Be Produced From?

Baseboard materials can range from solid wood to medium-density fiberboard as long as the proper paint and sealing are used to prevent cracking over time. Tongue and groove baseboards provide the appearance of a flush base or create a striking presence by enhancing an interior’s height and proportion with a purposely larger baseboard. 

Whatever design you decide on, in the end, these trendy and modern baseboard designs will ultimately have the final say on the language and feel of the interior of your home. Contact us here at CDM Woodworking for help updating and upgrading your home’s baseboards. 

What Other Elements Of A Room Should I Consider When Selecting A Molding?

To get the desired effect, you can also combine baseboards. For example, you can start with a flat baseboard, then add a step baseboard and a rounded baseboard at the top to create a 3-D effect when everything comes together. Combining the look and feel of your room’s molding with additional elements can help bring life back to your space or create a whole new atmosphere. Room elements that can help enhance and play off of the molding that you choose can include: 

  • The height of a room
  • Paint color in a room
  • Furniture featured there
  • And the style of furniture or other elements included in that space.

Contact CDM Woodworking Today

Now that you understand the impact that something as basic as baseboard molding can have on a room, we invite you to take the next step. Contact us here at CDM Woodworking today! Whether you need a single piece or are tackling your entire home, we guarantee that we can match what you need and that you will love what you receive. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to transform your space with our custom-made baseboards. 

Proudly Providing Stunning Custom Craftsmanship In Chicago, IL

Come and discover Chicago, IL’s innovative, diverse, and world-class atmosphere. Located on Lake Michigan, it is a vibrant metropolis where you can explore world-renowned museums, enjoy delicious cuisine, and enjoy festivals and events. The lively music and nightlife scene, scenic parks, and shopping districts provide something exciting and new for everyone to enjoy in Chicago.

CDM Woodworking takes great pride and joy in our work and the many communities we serve. We can quickly create, ship, and deliver our custom-made baseboards for Chicago, IL, and many of its surrounding cities. Buffalo Grove, Deer Park, and Evanston, IL, are just some neighboring areas that enjoy our services. For more information about our company, work, or the areas we serve, please contact us now.