Are you redesigning your house? Upgrading or remodeling a space? Here at CDM Woodworking we are highly skilled professionals that have years of expercience in custom molding.It is our pleasure to work in Antioch, Illinois and the surrounding community.

We Offer Custom Molding

We take pride in our ability to bring confidence and support to your needs for a skilled craftsman to help you design custom molding perfect for your desired space. 

  • Standard & Custom Molding: Design from scratch using a small sample or drawing.
  • Re-Trim: Create a quick and fast update to existing mold to enhance your space.
  • Woodworking Services: Professionals at manufacturing wood products of all types.

When you schedule an appointment with CDM Woodworking, they can walk you through their gallery and help you decide which design is best for you. Allow CDM to partner with you in helping you design and bring your vision to life.

Our Professionals Work in Antioch, Illionois

CDM Woodworking is proud to offer custom molding throughout Antioch, Illinois. Antioch is a small village within Lake County. This community has more than 14,000 residents that are nestled in the Chain O’Lakes waterway system. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Molding

Below are some of our most commonly asked questions about our custom molding.

Where should you not put crown molding?

Crown Molding will not fit or look good on cathedral or vaulted ceilings. Typically Crown Molding will need a distinctive starting and stopping point. Ideally, it will look best going around the room in both directions and meeting again.

What is the big deal about crown molding? 

Crown Molding adds the finishing touch. Crown Molding helps create a homier space. The decorative addition is great for ceilings and walls while enhancing your space.

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