The team at CDM Woodworking is the place for you if you want to have custom molding done to your home. If you live in the Naperville, IL, area, we would love to help you get started. We look forward to meeting you and creating an amazing and unique design for you and your family. Having happy customers is essential to our team. 

Our Experts Offer Custom Molding

Are you in the market to add custom molding to your home? We are happy to help you with that service at an affordable price. Our team has a profile of over 250 unique projects they have already done in a catalog. You must find a team that knows what they are doing. Having someone who knows what they are doing can save you money. 

The Most Affordable And Effective Way To Enhance Your Interior Today

The last touches can make a difference in a room. And the choices are seemingly endless when it comes to molding, whether you want something formal, historical, or exquisite. Custom wood trim sets the tone for style, even if it is a minor accent on the surface. We can bring almost anything you can envision to life when regular or the norm just will not do. 

To create a completely customized appearance, we will work directly with you. You can also pick from the over 500 unique profiles in our portfolio. Installing custom molding in your home is inexpensive and offers quite a few benefits, including appeal, insulation, protection, and a boost in the value of your home.

Improved Aesthetics

Custom molding allows homeowners to create a unique look and feel for their home, transforming the atmosphere of any space. From doorways, windows, or arches, molding can add to an existing feature or create a completely new look and design. 

Enhanced Insulation

Baseboards and molding installation may help increase insulation efficiency, which is essential for maintaining your home’s comfort. They serve as an insulator, keeping your house comfortable year-round. They can also aid in reducing air leakage and enhancing energy efficiency by forming a seal around window and door frames.

Upgraded Protection

Baseboards and molding can be used around door frames, windows, and other features to prevent wear and tear brought on by furniture, foot traffic, and other factors. Additionally, they serve as a barrier against dust and dirt, which is particularly beneficial if you have kids or dogs since they can have mishaps that ruin walls and other surfaces. This will also help lengthen the lifespan of your floors and walls, keeping your home in beautiful condition for longer. 

Boosted Home Value

Adding custom moldings could give your home a more complete feel if it lacks character. It can enhance your home’s appeal and increase its value. You can improve a room’s overall look while giving your residence a facelift at a reasonable price. Additionally, it may contribute to attracting more potential buyers when you are ready to sell.

So what are you waiting for? For help with adding unique character and beauty to your home today, contact us now! We can even match any existing profiles you already have in your home. For professional woodworking of the highest quality in the Chicago and Milwaukee area, you must contact us at CDM Woodworking. Give us a call now.


Naperville, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, is a developing oasis where big-city attractions coexist with small-town charm. It offers a variety of dining options, various shops, family-friendly areas, performing arts venues, and a lively nightlife. One of the country’s best locations to live in, the city has a low crime rate, a warm and welcoming community, and a population of just under 150,000. Naperville has access to bus and commuter train services and O’Hare, Midway, DuPage, and Aurora Municipal airports.

Common Questions 

Many questions come up when you start talking about doing things around the house. Feel free to ask us all the questions, and we will be happy to answer them. Below are a couple of the more common questions we get. 

Can Baseboards Be Used As Crown Molding? 

If you choose to use baseboards as crown molding, you won’t be alone. Many people decide to do this. Even though it can look lovely in some cases, it’s typically best to use baseboards for their intended purpose. Angled crown molding gives a great profile to the room, whereas flat baseboards do not. 

Is It Ok To Mix Trim Styles? 

You are looking for a specific aesthetic. It is possible to mix and match trim types, but there is no guarantee that it will look appealing. You typically want to paint the trim in all main areas of the hose the same color. It makes the home look uniform. 

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If you are in the Naperville, IL area, looking for someone who provides custom molding services? The team at CDM Woodworking is the one for you then. We look forward to helping you achieve the look you want for your home. Having happy customers is vital to us! Give us a call today for a quote.