CDM Woodworking has been in business since 1987, serving the Golf, IL community and surrounding areas. The expert millworkers at CDM have honed their craft for decades and take pride in the quality of work that is produced. If you are needing standard molding for your home or project, then the expert craftsman at CDM is the team you need. 

Standard Molding by CDM Woodworking

We offer standard molding for all types of projects. If you are remodeling your home, building a home, or have multiple projects that you need molding for, CDM Woodworking can help. With our 6000 square foot manufacturing facility, we can create all our molding in a timely and efficient manner, also making shipping and delivery quick and easy. We can also provide our standard moldings quickly to meet project deadlines thanks to our established partnerships with various vendors as well. 

Standard Molding Offered in Golf, IL

We provide molding and trim design to the Golf community. If you are located in the Golf, IL area and are looking for a company that offers standard molding services CDM Woodworking happily services the Golf, IL area as well as the surrounding areas. Our team is eagerly waiting to help with your project needs. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Getting crown molding for your home or business is usually the last piece of pulling a space together but sometimes comes with questions, as with any new product decision. Here are some questions that we have come across. 

When Should Crown Molding Not Be Used? 

There are very few situations where you may not want to use crown molding. If you have a vaulted or cathedral ceiling, then adding molding to this area may not look good, or because of the design of these types of ceilings, the molding may not fit. 

Can You Match My Existing Molding? 

Yes, our workers can seamlessly match any pre-existing crown molding in your home with just a small sample of that molding. With that sample, we will develop a cutting knife that can create the exact product. 

Can Crown Molding Be Used In Any Space? 

If this was a few decades ago, then the answer would be no because of the concern of moisture rotting out the wood in places with high humidity like bathrooms; now that is not a big concern anymore since it can be made of different materials that can hold up to high humidity so now you can have standard molding in the area that you would like. 


If you are ready to add quality crown molding to your residential or commercial projects, then our team of experienced workers is ready to help you complete your project. Contact us today to get a quote. Let’s start working together today!