CDM Woodworking is centrally located and proudly serves the community of Kenilworth, IL, and the surrounding areas. If you are in need of standard molding, CDM and our team of professionals will be glad to meet with you and discuss your project and molding needs. 

Frequent Questions About Standard Molding 

Here are a few of the common questions that we come across when talking about standard molding: 

Does The Ceiling Height and Size Of A Room Matter When Choosing Crown Molding? 

Usually when picking crown molding the height of ceilings and the size of the room are what determine the crown molding, for example, if a space is tall and thin molding is installed it may make the space look disproportionate, if the room is small a wide piece may make the space feel even smaller. This still can hold true today but now with how far the designs have come with crown molding and molding being able to be built up it more is about the look that you are going for and making that look work for the space. The heights of the ceiling and size of the space are still considered to help determine the amount of molding needed but design wise it is not a main factor. 

Do You Offer Custom Molding? 

CDM Woodworking does offer custom molding options. We offer over 250 unique designs to our building partners and we can also just sit with you and come up with a completely new design that is unique to that builder for that specific project. 

How Do You Keep Molding Clean? 

The best way to keep your molding clean is to dust frequently with a microfiber cloth. For a deeper cleaning wipe your molding with a damp microfiber cloth no abrasive or harsh cleaners, especially if your molding is painted. Once you are done make sure to dry off your standard molding with a dry cloth. 

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