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With the best value on the market for custom molding and trim, CDM Woodworking takes great pride in providing a budget-friendly quality and experience. With rigorous quality control methods in place, we ensure that every piece we send out is of exceptional quality. 

Our craftsmen have decades of experience and a love for their craft that shines through in every piece of trim and molding they produce. For fast production and shipping, trust the experts at CDM Woodworking. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Trim Molding

At CDM Woodworking, we take pride in supplying our clients with the expertise and insight they need to choose the ideal product for their house. See the responses to some of the concerns we get asked about most often below. 

What Is Interior Trim Molding?

Interior trim and molding are the pieces of various material types used around doors, windows, and along the top and bottom of walls where they meet the floor and/or ceiling. Aside from being visually appealing and adding a finished look to a room, trim and molding also serve fundamental purposes. They can be used to cover unfinished or lightly damaged areas, to fill or cover gaps or holes, and to dress up areas that might otherwise be unpleasant to look at. 

How Do Trim And Molding Differ From One Other?

Other than the fact that molding is a type of trim, there really isn’t much difference between the two. The term “trim” refers to any material that is used as a barrier around windows, doors, walls, ceilings, between different kinds of flooring. Molding is simply a grander and more ornamental form of trim. Crown molding, for example, is usually meticulously crafted to provide a unique effect in the home, which helps transition from the top of a wall into the ceiling. 

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Your home’s molding and trim significantly impact how it looks and feels. From filling in gaps and areas around your windows and doors to creating an aesthetically pleasant and welcoming atmosphere, these pieces are essential for any residence. For this reason, at CDM Woodworking, we take great care of the customers we serve and the products we supply. For all of your trim and molding requirements, contact us right now for unmatched quality and a satisfying experience that will leave your pocketbook and home happy. 

We Provide Quality Trim Molding In Fox River Grove IL

Fox River Grove provides the perfect blend of hometown charm and business opportunities. Along with a range of specialty shops, eateries, and business services, The Village offers a combination of single and multifamily housing options. The Metra Northwest Line takes around one hour to get to downtown Chicago, allowing residents access to any big city amenities that they might need or desire. 

As the top choice for woodwork in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee area, CDM Woodworking is proud to provide our exceptional trim and molding in Fox River Grove, IL. Not located in Fox River Grove? No worries; we also serve many surrounding areas, including Highland Park, Lake Forest, and Mount Prospect. For a complete listing of the surrounding communities we serve, please call us now.