In an industry and age that constantly seems to be evolving, CDM Woodworking prioritizes the value we place on products and our customers. Our core beliefs drive us to craft a collaborative and rewarding experience for our customers, as well as superior trims and moldings. For the finest craftsmanship offered at competitive prices, contact us at CDM Woodworking today! 

Add The Finishing Touch With Our Fine Trim Molding

CDM Woodworking takes great pleasure in delivering cost-effective woodwork and quality, offering the best value for custom molding and trim on the market. We ensure every product we ship out is of the highest caliber by implementing strict quality control measures. 

Every piece of trim and molding that our artisans create is a testament to their passion for what they do and to the decades of skill that they have acquired. Count on the professionals at CDM Woodworking for speedy manufacturing and delivery. 

Commonly Asked Questions About Trim Molding

At CDM Woodworking, we value providing our customers with the necessary insight and information needed for making the perfect purchase and fit for their home. Check out the answers to some of our most frequently received questions below. 

How Do I Decide The Right Trim Molding For My Home?

A few significant factors come into play when attempting to identify the ideal finishing touch for your walls and flooring. Some elements you may want to consider carefully include:

  • Style
  • Size
  • Floor Type
  • And Location

From the area in which you reside to the style and feel of your home, all of these things must be evaluated to ensure that you receive the perfect fit for you and your home’s needs. Still not sure? Feel free to contact us here at CDM Woodworking, and we will gladly discuss your trim and molding needs. 

Is Trim And Molding The Same Thing?

While they may seem quite similar, trim and molding are not the same. The edge material that is installed around walls, ceilings, doors, windows, and between floors is referred to as trim. And although molding is a type of trim, it’s a grander, more decorative kind.

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The trim and molding in your home play a significant role in how your home looks and feels. These pieces are fundamental for every home, from creating an aesthetically pleasing and inviting environment to covering gaps and spaces around your windows and doors. That is why at CDM Woodworking, we care about the product we provide and the customers that we deliver it to. For a quality that cannot be beaten and an experience that leaves your wallet and home satisfied, contact us today for your trim and molding needs. 

Proudly Providing Superior Trim Molding To Frankfort IL

Frankfort, Illinois, a rapidly expanding community, is home to some of the area’s best restaurants, museums, shops, and nature trails. With only around 16,000 residents, the community manages to preserve its natural beauty and welcomes visitors seeking to enjoy all it offers. The beautiful parks of Frankfort, including Jackson Creek Park, Brookmeadow Park, and Sandalwood Park, are overseen by the Frankfort Park District and remain a favorite among visitors and residents alike. 

Being the leading woodwork provider in the Chicagoland and Milwaukee area, CDM Woodworking is pleased to provide its superior trim and molding in Frankfort, Illinois. Don’t worry if you aren’t located in Frankfort, we also cover a wide range of neighboring areas, such as Oak Creek, Lake Bluff, and Deer Park. Call us right now to receive an extensive overview of our service areas.