The decorative trim pieces known as moldings can be found around doors and windows, running along the length of the bottom and top of walls, and typically acting as a transition between different building sections. Moldings play a significant role in defining a home’s architectural style, whether it is Arts and Crafts, Colonial, or Victorian. Established in 1987, CDM Woodworking offers standard and custom molding and woodworking for both residential and commercial projects in Milwaukee, Greater Chicago, and the surrounding areas.

CDM Woodworking Can Match Your Existing Molding Profiles

From standard to custom profiles that can match your existing molding or create an entirely new and unique look, CDM Woodworking has the tools, team, and skills to meet your needs! We only use top-quality woods for our products, which provides our customers with superior results when compared to competitors. We further guarantee superior and reliable custom woodworking by working closely with builders, general contractors, and remodelers.

Commonly Asked Questions About Trim Molding

Here are the answers to some of the most often asked questions we get from clients because we prefer to provide them with the finest woodwork and customer service possible. Contacting us is always encouraged if you need more information or have any other questions you would like to have answered.

What Adhesive Is Best For Putting Up Wall Trim?

There are several alternatives on the market when it comes to selecting the finest adhesive for wall trim. However, construction adhesive is the one most often used for wall trim. On a variety of surfaces, this adhesive is best for creating strong and lasting bonds between wood and other materials commonly used in construction. For a smooth and lasting bond, make sure the construction adhesive you use is appropriate for your specific trim material.

Do I Have To Have Trim In My Home?

Trim is a fantastic decorative option that uses colors and designs to tie together an area. It conceals cracks and gaps in the ceiling, walls, and flooring. Trim can even provide some support in maintaining your home’s structural integrity. Considering all of this, trim is not required in a house, but most homes still include it because it looks good, adds a sense of completion to an area, and raises the home’s selling price.

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CDM Woodworking produces high-quality wood products for a range of markets and uses. All of our products are made with a priority on quality and durability, offering our customers the best woodwork at competitive prices. For standard and custom woodworking that outshines the competition, contact us here at CDM Woodworking today. 

Providing Quality Craftsmanship To Glenview IL

In 1899, the Village of Glenview had 350 people at its founding. There are now around 47,000 people living there. The Village, which is part of Cook County, is one of Chicago’s finest suburbs thanks to its excellent schools, 34 parks and playgrounds spanning more than 290 acres, a wide variety of dining and shopping options, and easy access to commuter trains and local expressways. It is a vibrant and humble community that has grown into a thriving and welcoming success.

At CDM Woodworking, we take immense joy and pride in providing the Glenview community with quality woodworking skills and products. We also proudly offer our trusted services to many of the surrounding communities, including the areas of Crystal Lake, Downers Grove, and Gurnee, IL. For craftsmanship like no other, contact us here at CDM Woodworking now.