CDM Woodworking offers an extensive range of millwork profiles for use in your projects. Should you utilize 3D tools like Autodesk® Revit as part of your design process and wish to see them in your design – we have what you need! Please feel free to download any of our standard profiles on this page for use in your design software.

Please click on the millwork profile you want and then check your download folder to access the file.

CDM Woodworking prides itself on being at the intersection of tradition and technology. Our range of millwork profiles is crafted to not only enhance the physical space of your project but to seamlessly integrate into your digital design process. With an extensive library of downloadable content, including Revit molding profiles, we empower architects, designers, and hobbyists to visualize and execute their visions with precision and ease.

Revit Molding Profiles for Streamlined Design

Incorporating millwork into your digital designs has never been easier with our Revit molding profiles. Whether you’re crafting a classic look or pushing the boundaries with a contemporary design, our profiles are ready for download and use within Autodesk® Revit. These detailed, true-to-scale models enable you to see the exact representation of the trim profiles, facilitating a more accurate and cohesive design process.

A Comprehensive Catalog of Millwork Profiles

Our downloadable millwork profiles span a comprehensive range of styles and applications. From intricate crown moldings that grace the ceiling perimeter to robust baseboards that anchor a room’s aesthetic, each profile is meticulously designed to reflect the quality and craftsmanship synonymous with CDM Woodworking. With these profiles at your fingertips, your project’s design phase can proceed with an assured sense of the final spatial impact.

Integrating with Millwork Software

For those utilizing specialized millwork software, our profiles are engineered to be compatible and user-friendly. We understand the importance of precision in the design phase, which is why each of our millwork trim profiles is crafted to be both aesthetically pleasing and technically accurate, ensuring they fit within the tolerances and specifications of your software suite.

Downloadable Millwork Trim Profiles at Your Convenience

CDM Woodworking has made it a priority to provide an accessible and convenient way to access our millwork trim profiles. With a simple click, you can download the profiles you need, speeding up the design process and allowing for real-time editing and customization. This access revolutionizes how professionals and enthusiasts alike approach the planning and detailing of interior spaces.

Leveraging Technology for Bespoke Design Solutions

In the world of custom millwork, attention to detail is paramount. That’s why CDM Woodworking’s downloadable profiles aren’t just tools; they are bridges between the heritage of craft and the forefront of design technology. By offering Revit-compatible moldings and trim, we are equipping our clients with the means to bring their most intricate design concepts to life, with all the benefits of modern software solutions.

CDM Woodworking invites you to explore our Downloads page, a treasure trove of millwork profiles ready to be incorporated into your next project. With easy integration into millwork software and an array of profiles from the traditional to the avant-garde, your design process is about to become a seamless journey from conception to realization. Let our Revit molding profiles and millwork trim options enhance your creative workflow today.