CDM Woodworking opened its doors to its Elgin, IL community back in 1987. Specializing in both standard and custom molding, re-trim as well as other woodworking projects. Our team of expert craftspeople work fast and with skill. Let CDM Woodworking take care of you!

We Offer Custom Crown Molding Near Elgin, IL

Custom molding has been around for centuries, it is a timeless addition to any home. It can be very simple and elegant or very intricate and grand. CDM Woodworking proudly offers custom crown molding to the residents of Elgin and surrounding areas. Other services include, standard molding and re-trim, if you are wanting to spice up your home a little. 

Any other woodworking services you need can be found within our team of expert craftspeople. If you have a special request or project in mind and need help bringing your vision to life, our team can help. From tongue and groove paneling all the way to flooring and custom finishing, our team can do it all. 

We Serve The Elgin Area

If you find yourself near Elgin, IL you will find yourself immersed in history! CDM Woodworking specializes in custom crown molding as well as matching pre-existing moldings. Elgin has a grand population of over 113,000 people. Best known for its historic architecture and landmarks from the Victorian era. Founded back in 1835, history is well known to Elgin and its community.

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Custom Crown Molding

If you are considering adding custom crown molding to your home, then see the below. Here are our most commonly asked questions in regards to custom crown molding.

Can You Paint Or Stain Crown Molding? 

You can both paint and stain crown molding. Sometimes pre-existing molding is already stained, so any new additions should be stained to match. Most people like a more natural wood look so they prefer to get their molding stained.

How Thick Can Crown Molding Be? 

The size of your custom crown molding can be anything you desire. However the standard size for the standard ceiling height would be 4”. Taller ceilings can have crown molding up to 9” and sometimes even bigger. It all depends on the home.

Can You Do Flexible Moldings For Staircases? 

Yes, if your molding needs are not straight edge, there is no need to worry. Flex molding and other woodworking services can help you build a flexible custom molding for your staircase. 

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